How to Choose Bicycle Panniers: Guide


Are you looking for the perfect bicycle panniers that will not only meet your needs but also withstand many years of intensive use? Our guide How to Choose Bicycle Panniers is the key to selecting top-quality bike accessories that will meet your expectations. Discover the secrets of materials, carrying systems, and innovative solutions. Keep reading to learn how to make the right choice!

How to Choose Bicycle Panniers: Guide

Bicycle panniers available on the market offer various solutions and are made from different materials and components. A significant portion of bicycle bags and panniers is produced in Asia, utilizing ready-made solutions provided by local manufacturers, often large corporations.

However, there are also brands that can boast about producing bicycle panniers domestically in Poland or Europe, based on their own experience and know-how accumulated over the years. Regardless of the origin, there are certain criteria worth considering when selecting the right bicycle panniers.

How to Choose the Right Bicycle Panniers: What to Consider

1.The Essence of Material Quality – A Crucial Aspect of Bicycle Pannier Selection

The Best Materials - characterized by the highest resistance to weather conditions. The primary factors affecting material wear and tear are sunlight and UV radiation, as well as salt and very low temperatures. These extreme conditions can significantly accelerate material degradation. Therefore, high-quality materials ensure years of trouble-free use. They are coated with special impregnants on the outside, making the material withstand many years of regular use while being easier to clean. We use two types of materials for our bicycle bags and panniers:

  • Premium Products - Cordura: Our premium products are made from Cordura, a unique patented nylon thread pattern by Invista. This material is known for its durability and resistance to weather conditions, including UV radiation. Additionally, Cordura is easy to maintain and has waterproof properties. Thanks to its fine weave, it is also lightweight and super-durable, making it ideal for the production of bicycle bags and panniers. We use Cordura produced in Germany to ensure the highest quality.
  • Standard Products - Polyester: Our products made from polyester materials are carefully coated with impregnants on the outside to provide protection against harmful external factors, such as UV radiation and salt. The inner side of the material is covered with a transparent PVC layer, giving it excellent technical properties. This material is waterproof, resistant to abrasion, and has a weight of 270g/m². The other type of material we use is double-coated PVC material. It features a densely woven polyester mesh inside, making it incredibly durable and weather-resistant. Moreover, it is easy to clean. The grammage of the polyester materials we use is 650g/m². It's worth noting that all our materials are manufactured in Germany, ensuring the highest quality.

Summary: Regardless of your choice of panniers, both Cordura and polyester products in our collections guarantee high quality. Cordura impresses with its exceptional durability, resistance to weather conditions, and lightweight properties. On the other hand, polyester materials, whether impregnated on the outside or double-coated with PVC, offer excellent waterproof properties and durability. All our materials come from renowned Western manufacturers, synonymous with the highest quality.

2. Carrying System - Reliability on the Road

In our products, we utilize ready-made, universal systems produced by the renowned German manufacturer Rixen&Kaul, ensuring not only quality but also compatibility with most racks available on the market.

  • KlickFix System: This is a proven and reliable hook system mounted on a rail with adjustable positioning, allowing for easy and secure cargo transportation.
  • R&K VARIO E-Hook: A set of two hooks permanently mounted to the rear wall of the pannier. Their position and spacing are adjusted to fit most bicycle racks available on the market. Made of sturdy material, Vario hooks guarantee reliability.

The lower strip with a 360-degree adjustable hook secures the pannier vertically, stabilizing it against bouncing while cycling in challenging terrain.

Summary: Our carrying system, tested on the most demanding bike expeditions, is a trusted solution from the German manufacturer Rixen&Kaul, providing reliability and safety during your bicycle journeys.

3. Waterproof - Safety in Any Conditions

Waterproofness primarily depends on three factors: the chosen material, the seams' construction, and the pannier's closure system. We discussed material aspects in the first point.

Currently, our company employs two production technologies:

  • Traditional sewing with seam tape bonding (seamless): This method not only reinforces the seams but also protects them from water infiltration, rendering the product entirely waterproof. We use Swedish-made tapes, which are two-layer transparent materials based on polyurethane with adhesive. Seam bonding is done with a special machine, applying the tape while hot. This results in highly durable connections. Products crafted traditionally with seam-tape bonding include Wayfarer and Rambler bicycle panniers and Sailor transport bags.
  • High-frequency welding: This involves joining material pieces in specialized forms under high pressure and temperature, guaranteeing a durable connection and providing an aesthetic appearance to the products. High-frequency welded items in our collection include Biker and Rider bicycle panniers and Handy handlebar bags.

Summary: Regardless of the chosen technology, our products are characterized by the highest quality and durability, ensuring reliability during every journey.

Bicycle Pannier Closure System:

There are various closure solutions available for bicycle panniers and bags on the market.

  • Panniers equipped with traditional zippers, often regular or splash-proof, may pose issues over time. Zippers tend to wear out, becoming less efficient and more susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, such damages are often not covered by warranties and are considered a result of normal usage.
  • Another popular option is top-closure panniers, using a so-called "hood." First, the pannier is compressed using a drawstring, and then the hood is secured with either Velcro or buckles. This is a robust solution that effectively protects against rain.
  • However, the most efficient and straightforward closure system for panniers is the roll-top design. Here, there are no unnecessary components that could break, and rolling ensures complete waterproofing. The pannier should be tightly rolled, typically 3 or 4 times, guaranteeing that neither water, dust, nor mud can penetrate it.

4. Bicycle Pannier Capacity – Customize to Your Needs

Our rear bicycle panniers have an optimal capacity of 25 liters each and are available in sets of two. However, to meet various customer expectations, we also offer a single pannier Extrawheel Biker with a 25-liter capacity, ideal for short trips, bike paths, commuting, or shopping.

In our product range, you will also find front bicycle panniers designed for the front bike rack. Rider panniers, each with a 15-liter capacity, and Rambler panniers with a 12.5-liter capacity are offered in sets of two. While they are dedicated to front racks, their versatility allows for mounting on the rear part of the bike rack as well. This way, when you don't need large panniers, Rider or Rambler panniers make an excellent choice.

5. Warranty - Our Assurance of Quality

Quality is our top priority, and our warranty reflects our confidence in our products. We offer an impressive 5-year warranty on all our bicycle panniers, emphasizing our certainty in the quality of the products we offer.

Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that our bicycle panniers are manufactured in our own factory in Poland. This control over every stage of production is a crucial element of our brand and ensures the delivery of high-quality products to our customers.


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