About Us

Extrawheel Manufacturer's Company Store - Your Advanced Solutions in the World of Bicycle Accessories

At the Extrawheel Manufacturer's Company Store, we can offer you not only products but also a unique experience in the world of bicycle accessories. Since 2005, we have been operating in the bicycle industry, focusing on the production of Polish bicycle accessories such as bicycle panniers, bike bags, handlebar bags, and bicycle trailers that meet the expectations of every cyclist. Waterproof and built to last. Our mission is to design and manufacture products that not only make everyday cycling easier on short trips but also excel during long and challenging expeditions.

Our Unique Features:

  • Consistent Design: Our products feature a unique and consistent design that complements any type of bicycle gear.
  • 5-Year Warranty: We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a generous 5-year warranty on each product.
  • Made in Poland: Our products are proudly made in Poland, using the highest quality materials from Polish and German suppliers.
  • Testing and Research: Each product undergoes rigorous testing, both in the laboratory and during demanding cycling expeditions around the world, ensuring they are reliable and durable.
  • Selective Material Selection: We care about the quality of our products, carefully selecting materials and components to meet the highest standards.

Our History and Achievements:

  • The Beginning of Extrawheel (2005): Our history began in 2005 when we introduced the one-wheeled Extrawheel bicycle trailer to the market, serving as an innovative spare wheel for bicycles.
  • Patent (2008): In 2008, we obtained a patent for our Extrawheel trailer from the Polish Patent Office.
  • Voyager Series (2009): In 2009, we expanded our product range with the Voyager series of bicycle trailers.
  • Bicycle Advertising Trailer (2010): In 2010, we introduced the bicycle advertising trailer to the market, offering modern marketing solutions.
  • Research and Development (2016): In 2016, we began research and development work on new products, improving existing solutions, and planning the brand's future development.
  • Rebranding (2018): In 2018, we successfully rebranded our logo, giving it a modern image along with a unique emblem.
  • Our Own Bike Bags (2019): In 2019, we proudly introduced our own, original bicycle panniers such as Wayfarer, Rambler, and Sailor transport bags with a modern design.
  • Participation in EURO-BIKE Trade Fair (2019): In 2019, we participated for the first time in the prestigious EURO-BIKE trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, considered one of the most important cycling events in Europe.
  • Expansion of Product Range (2020): In 2020, we continued to expand our product range, introducing Biker bicycle panniers with a classic design that still aligns with our consistent concept.
  • Innovative High-Frequency Welding Technology (2021): In 2021, we began work on a new high-frequency welding technology.
  • New Products (2023): In 2023, we introduced a new collection of bags to the market, utilizing the latest high-frequency welding technology.

At the Extrawheel Manufacturer's Company Store, we combine passion and precision to deliver the highest-quality products that enhance your cycling adventures. Join us and discover the Extrawheel today. Trust us at every stage of your cycling journey.