Privacy policy

Data protection and privacy policy


  1. Extrawheel is a Personal Data Administrator of the Shop's Customers.
  2. A Customer registering in the Shop gives his personal data freely. They are needed to proceed with placed orders and are used only for this purpose. Extrawheel sends the data to shipping companies  and operators of payment. These companies may not use the data for their own purposes.
  3. The Customer may change or remove his personal data at any time.
  4. Subscribing  for the Extrawheel newsletter means consent to receiving commercial information. At any time you may opt out of this service.
  5. Communication with the Store is completely secure. It uses an encrypted SSL connection. Detailed information at:
  6. Confirmation of purchase agreement is sent to the Client by e-mail after the transaction is accepted to realization.
  7. When you visit the Store some client data may be registered: your computer's IP number, domain, browser, etc. They are collected by Google Analytics (statistics test system). This is the standard action and we do not have influence on it. 
  8. Google Analytics also uses "cookies"  to create reports. We can resign from this, but using our store then can be difficult. Cookies help you to maintain the session, remember shopping, make it easy to visit the store and create statistics.