Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle Trailers

One wheel bicycle trailers Extrawheel – short guide how to choose.

When planning a bike trip or a short break, it’s worth considering which trailer works best for you. All trailer wheels can be used as a spare for your bike in case of punctures or damage, and in a collision the trailer will safely disconnect from the bike. A trailer wheel with less load on it will easily reach a service point, but you can also replace parts on-site using Extrawheel-patented inventions.

Extrawheel Voyager PRO

gross: €369.99
(net: €300.80 )

Extrawheel BRAVE panniers Nomad 60L

Discount: 30 %
gross: €370.99
(net: €301.62 )

Extrawheel BRAVE bags Drifter 100L

Discount: 30 %
gross: €419.99
(net: €341.46 )

Extrawheel MATE panniers Nomad 60L

gross: €699.99
(net: €569.10 )

Extrawheel MATE bags Drifter 100L

Discount: 30 %
gross: €531.99
(net: €432.51 )

Each trailer model has a load capacity of 35 kg, and the load can be easily mounted to the bike using a revolutionary fork. The unique fork design allows it to work as a shock absorber that dampens vibrations. Both the fork and trailer are unique solutions!

Extrawheel trailers fit most bicycles from Urban, Trekking, Recumbents, Road bikes, MTBs, and Tandems to e-Bikes, thanks to the adapters that we offer!

Extrawheel trailers have the same amazing traction feeling even in the toughest off-road conditions. We also make our own panniers, which use the best German Polyester and super-resistant Cordura (in the Premium product lines). The trailers are manufactured in Poland and we provide 5-year warranties on all our products.

Voyager PRO bicycle trailer

The ideal model for short breaks and urban rides, the Voyage has also proven itself many times on several-month-long trips.

VOYAGER advantages:

  • Least expensive
  • Lightest
  • Uses dedicated panniers, but bags from other companies can also be fitted on the universal frame
  • Additional bags can be attached using the red straps included in the set
  • Front trailer wheel can serve as a spare bicycle wheel

BRAVE bicycle trailer

Highly versatile and un-rivalled on long trips, the Brave trailer comes with a set of Extrawheel panniers. The fully-equipped trailer looks extremely professional and will attract the attention of passers-by!

BRAVE advantages:

  • Dedicated panniers that match the trailer design
  • Capacity of 100 litres
  • Our unique mudguard design fits wheels from 26" to 29 x 2.4"
  • Trailer wheels serve as spare bicycle wheels

MATE bicycle trailer

 A unique design for almost every model of Fat Bike. Looks extremely military and muscular with Extrawheel panniers. Fat Bikes with Extrawheel trailers look spectacular and are a dream-come-true for many cyclists. Perfect for off-road biking.

MATE advantages:

  • Dedicated panniers that match the trailer design
  • Capacity of 100 litres
  • Can be attached to other bikes on your trip
  • Front trailer wheel can serve as a spare bicycle wheel

All trailers sets include: trailer frame with mudguard, fastening fork, Extrawheel quick release mechanism, a signal flag and selected bags in Brave and Mate versions.