Extrawheel bicycle panniers Biker PRO Premium Black 50L

  • The highest model of Extrawheel bicycle bags
  • Shoulder straps and internal pockets included in the set
  • Versatile - suitable for every bike trip as well as for everyday use
  • Waterproof - high-frequency welded
  • Polish bicycle bags - the highest quality
  • Material - Cordura
  • 5-year warranty
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Discover our flagship product, the undisputed top in our range - Biker Premium PRO bike bags with a total capacity of 50 liters.

For the production of bike panniers, we have used super durable Cordura material; these rear bags are not only exceptionally durable but also extremely versatile. Ideal for quick city shopping, for work, but above all excellent for demanding bike trips. Made using high-frequency welding technology, the bags provide not only exceptional durability but also excellent waterproofing, protecting your belongings even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, the bike bags have internal pockets, allowing organized storage of small items and accessories during travels. In the set, you will also find shoulder straps, enabling comfortable and ergonomic carrying of the bags when necessary.

The Biker Premium PRO bike bags are not only a choice of the highest quality but also a guarantee of reliability even in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to their waterproofing, after rolling and fastening the buckles downwards four times, you can be sure that your belongings will remain dry even on the rainiest days.

Assembly has never been easier! Utilizing the German RackTime system, a well-known manufacturer of Tubus racks. The Biker Premium PRO bags ensure quick and trouble-free assembly. Their handles are designed to fit tubes with a diameter of 6-15 mm, guaranteeing stability and confidence during rides.

Their elegant design, perfectly complementing other Extrawheel products, not only increases your safety thanks to visible reflectors but also allows you to stand out on the bike trail.


  • Manufactured in Poland at Extrawheel from German materials
  • Bags welded using high-frequency technology
  • Made of super durable Cordura
  • Shoulder straps included in the set
  • Additional pocket in each bag
  • Elegant design tailored to other Extrawheel products
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy assembly thanks to the universal Racktime system
  • Easy to clean
  • Full waterproofing after rolling the closure four times; closing system by rolling, fastened and compressed downwards with buckles, excluding water ingress during rainfall
  • Racktime mounting system for racks with a tube diameter of 6-15 mm
  • Reducing inserts included in the set to fit the rack tube diameter
  • Smooth adjustment of the hook position on the rail
  • Lower rotating hook (360 degrees) adjustable on the rail
  • Bags can be used individually


  • Capacity of bags 2x25L
  • Total weight of bags only 1.70kg
  • Material Cordura (manufactured in Germany)
  • Full waterproofing
  • Reflective elements on each bag, certified reflectors (manufactured in Germany)
  • Dimensions of a single bag (W x H x D): 62/45 x 34/23 x 17cm
  • Manufactured in Poland at Extrawheel
  • Excellent quality and reliability - 5 years warranty!

Choose Extrawheel Biker Premium PRO bags - the best choice for your biking adventure!

Capacity: 2x25L
Fabric: Cordura