Extrawheel Dry bag Sailor 25L

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Extrawheel Sailor 25L

The Extrawheel Sailor represents the modern and functional trend in tourist transport. The Sailor duffel bag is made from one of the most perfect and strongest materials currently available - Polyester - and guarantees quality and strength throughout many years of use in the most extreme conditions. The individual panels of the bag are sewn together with strong thread, and the stitches are hot-glued with extra tape which prevents them against leaking and reinforces the panel joints. A bag sewn this way can withstand almost anything!
The Extrawheel Sailor duffel bag ensures absolute waterproofing. The rolled closing provides 100% confidence that even in the most adverse weather no clothing will risk getting wet during a cycle trek, on a car roof rack or in a canoe or boat.
Full waterproof is achieved by properly rolling up the top of the bag, i.e. four times.
The dry bag is useful for various types of tourist activities. During cycle treks, it is perfectly suited as a complement to bicycle panniers to protect carry-mats, or other forms of mattress used by more conservative travellers, from getting wet For sailors and canoeists, it can be a great way to protect baggage against the wet environment their activity entails. The strap included in the set makes it easy for anyone to lift it and carry it on their back. The strap has holes which make it easy to attach to the railings of a boat or a car roof rack. For a biker on the road, it provides a way to attach various small items or hang out freshly washed clothes. Every globetrotter knows this is the best way to dry!


  • Material: impregnated Polyester increasing leak protection
  • Weight: 350g
  • Diameter: 25cm
  • Volume: 25l
  • Height of open bag: 68cm
  • Foolproof closing by rolling up, ensuring watertightness
  • Precise sewing on the panels and completely waterproof glued stitches,
  • Fastened using high quality components - locks and nylon straps
  • Convenient adjustable shoulder strap,
  • Additional strap at the bottom to hang the bag up and make it dry more easily,
  • Completely water-tight and dustproof
  • Can be additionally rolled to adjust the volume
  • Practically indestructible!
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Poland

Capacity: 25L
Fabric: Coated polyester