Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle trailers – a brief guide which bicycle trailers you should choose.

  • Safety. When planning bike journey you certainly look for equipment which will increase its safety and when things will go wrong would guarantee your trips success. That is why you need accessories especially designed to cope with unusual situation which may occur on the road. One of those are Extrawheel bicycle trailers. They will increase your bike's loading capacity, act as a spare wheel and will safely detach itself from the bike in case of collision. Extrawheel trailers for bikes are to be ordered with wheel of the same size your bike has. When your front wheel fails you can replace it with a trailer's wheel. This will help to reach nearest bike workshop. If it happens to damage your rear wheel you can use the parts from trailer's wheel to repair it. The invention is patented by a Polish company.
  • Loading capacity. One wheel bike trailers available in sale generally will carry up to 35 kg of load. Two wheel trailers will cope with larger load but will not work in off road conditions.
  • Weight. There is no compromise here. Each single kilogram will count.
  • Easy assembly. Bike trailers should have a possibility of quick and easy attachment and detachment.
  • Compatibility. Bike change should not affect trailer attachment. It should fit all models and types. Road bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes and full suspension ones.
  • Warranty. Long warranty protection will assure the quality and satisfaction with the product.

Bicycle trailer Extrawheel Voyager PRO w/wheel fender 26"

gross: €289.99
(net: €235.76 )
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Bicycle trailer Extrawheel BRAVE 26" Nomad panniers 60L

Jednokołowa przyczepka rowerowa
gross: €499.99
(net: €406.50 )