Extrawheel Bike tralier BRAVE Solo

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The most famous and important product of Extrawheel is a the single-wheel bicycle trailer. This is the only one in the world that not only transports luggage, but also protects the cyclist. In the case of a serious breakdown, the wheel from the Extrawheel bicycle trailer can be used as a spare bicycle wheel. Brave Solo is a new version of the Extrawheel bicycle trailer. As standard, it is equipped with a good quality front wheel, although for the first time, the customer can buy a bicycle trailer without a wheel. The user can then mount it according to his wishes and needs – at the front or at the back of the bike.
There are also some structural changes in the trailer: in effect, increased rigidity, improved balance, and thus, improved driving properties: grip and traction. The fork connecting the trailer to the axle of the rear wheel of the bicycle has also changed – in Brave Solo it is more durable, more rigid, and eliminates vibrations, increasing the joy of riding.
Thin-walled steel pipes folded into a compact frame structure ensure a high level of rigidity, and the new fender effectively protects the luggage against dirt on the road. The design makes the trailer look more attractive and harmonizes with the new warning flag with the Extrawheel logo.
The set includes a stainless steel quick-release; you can also order nuts made of the same durable material or an adaptor for the Thru Axle. The trailer is prepared to attach a rear wheel with a 135 mm hub as standard. The set also includes spacer sleeves for fitting a front wheel.
The 100 litre Classic panniers, our 2x30L Nomad bags and other similar bike panniers on the market can be attached to the Brave Solo.


  • Very rigid frame improves traction and allows the transport of up to 100 litres of luggage
  • Spare wheel function for bicycle – can be mounted on front or rear wheel
  • Can mount panniers from other companies, such as Ortlieb or Vaude
  • Possibility to mount other panniers for shorter trips
  • The trailer is prepared for a rear wheel with a 135 mm hub as standard . The set includes spacer sleeves for fitting a front wheel
  • The set includes spacer sleeves for mounting the front wheel
  • Flag in warning colour with Extrawheel logo
  • Interchangeable joints on the drawbar
  • Standard quick-release included
  • Thru Axle full axle nuts or Thru Axle rigid axles available separately
  • The set includes a good quality front wheel (optional, you can buy the trailer without it)
  • The only bicycle trailer on the market adapted for off-road riding
  • Small dimensions facilitate transport (especially by air)
  • Can carry up to 35 kg of cargo
  • Fits almost all bikes (recumbent, road, MTB, tandem and full suspension)
  • The bicycle wears out less than when using traditional panniers
  • Increases safety by drawing drivers' attention to rider
  • Increases stability by lowering the centre of gravity
  • Keeps the front wheel of the bike on the ground better on steep climbs
  • Increases the life of the bike's rear wheel (less load than a bicycle with panniers)
  • Lower resistance to driving in the sand than a bicycle with panniers (third wheel)
  • Makes it easier to get on and off the bike; heels do not catch on panniers while driving
  • Quick assembly – attaches to the bike in a flash!
  • Manoeuvrability – the short length makes it easier to manoeuvre and make turns
  • Designer fender
  • Flag in warning colour with Extrawheel logo
  • Eye-catching design


  • Standard front wheel; tyre 26 × 2.1 ″ Schwalbe Smart Sam or 28 × 1.75 ″ Schwalbe Land Cruiser PLUS, Shimano hub, Ryde crimp rim, 32 Sapim Leader spokes stainless steel, Schwalbe tube
  • Trailer in a set with a front wheel, also available without a wheel
  • Optional with Extrawheel Classic cordura bicycle bags with a capacity of 100 litres
  • The Brave frame will accommodate wheels up to 29 × 2.6 ″
  • Trailer material: thin-walled steel, stainless steel, plastic
  • Spacers for the front wheel are included
  • Trailer length: 85 cm
  • Length of the trailer with fork: 128 cm
  • Weight of the frame with fender: 2.8 kg
  • Wheel weight: 2 kg
  • Fork weight: 1.2 kg
  • Weight of the quick-release device: 120 g
  • Extrawheel flag length: 70 cm
  • Made in Poland
  • Excellent quality and reliability – 5-year warranty!

Adapters guide - download pdf