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Bicycle trailers Extrawheel

Bike Panniers Ortlieb Bike-Packer Classic

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  • Code: EXT-043
  • Manufacturer: Ortlieb for Extrawheel
  • Price: €145.90
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Rear bike panniers Ortlieb Bike - Packer Classic is the result of 30 years of experience from German company Ortlieb. Once the pioneer, today the world leader in its industry. The use of modern technology strongly distinguishes the products of the company from the competitors. Less strongly however, looks a small difference in price from the cheaper alternatives on the market. Quality, strength and water-resistance are the characteristics so that Ortlieb provides 5 years warranty on all their products. Long distance cyclist will notice especially the weight of the panniers and fitting system combined with rigid plate which works very fast and stabilizes panniers (prevents from wobbling). Symmetrical structure allows the use of only one of them, depending on a need. Effectively secured edges are protected from abrasion.

Rear bike panniers Ortlieb Bike - Packer Classic – parameters:

• material: PS 620, PS 490
• weight: 2080 g (set of two)
• volume: 40 l (2 x 20 l)
• dimensions: 42 x 32/23 x 17 cm (H x W x D)
• hood protector form water, dust and snow
• fixing system: QL2.1
• carrying handle
• shoulder strap
• inner compartment
• front and rear reflection
• 5 year warranty
• price per set