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Bicycle trailers Extrawheel

Bicycle Trailer + Panniers Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic

  • Availability: Item in stock

  • Code: EXT-028
  • Manufacturer: Extrawheel
  • Price: €369.95
    • Wheel

    • Fastening Fork

    • Quick Release (QR) / Nuts

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Bicycle trailer Extrawheel + Ortlieb panniers Bike Packer Classic is a very practical set for both short trips and long journeys. It is an easy way of extending load space of your bike, and in bicycles without a rack it’s the only way of carrying a luggage. Very important and unusual characteristic of our patent is that it can act as a spare wheel, which when being far away from civilization can save you from deep waters. As an additional option you can buy Extrawheel upper rack, which assembled to the trailer will increase its loading capacity. Upper rack can carry light equipment (up to 5 kg), which can’t be packed in to the panniers due to its size, ex: sleeping bags, foam pads, sleeping pads and tents. Easy assembly.

Bicycle trailer Extrawheel + Ortlieb panniers Bike Packer Classic – parameters:

  • bike panniers Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic  (volume 2 x 20 l, weight 2080 g), with additionally printed Extrawheel  logo
  • panniers are waterproof
  • frame
  • wheel
  • signal flag
  • fork (connector)
  • quick release (QR)
  • mudguard
  • safety – it releases from the bike in case of accident
  • spare wheel – consider its size to fit your bike
  • weight – Extrawheel  is the lightest trailer, it weighs only 4,75 kg (2,89 kg without wheel). Weight can be lowered by using your own lighter wheel.
  • off road – with a big wheel it is easier to overcome obstacles
  • quick assembly – it fits to your bike in a few seconds
  • universality – it fits to various models of bikes and panniers
  • agility – short compact frame aids maneuverability
  • comfort – small dimension facilitates transport
  • capacity – it carries up to 35 kg
  • volume – as an option you can buy an upper rack for your trailer to carry tents, foam pads or sleeping bags
  • reliability – 5 year warranty for the whole set


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