Customers outside European Union do not pay polish VAT tax.

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Privacy policy

Protection of Personal Data

  1. If you want to make any purchase at our shop, you do not have to pre-register. The act of registration is only to make the process of subsequent purchases faster and easier.
  2. In order to make a purchase, you must provide your personal data including exact delivery place address, e-mail address to which order confirmation message is to be mailed and contact phone number for use by a courier. Our customers provide us with those personal data voluntarily.
  3. We utilize personal data of our customers exclusively to carry purchase transactions to effect. We do not make those data available to any other businesses or natural persons.
  4. Mailing of information concerning our current offer is possible but exclusively upon request of a customer who shall register herself/ himself on newsletter for that purpose.
  5. Personal data entrusted to us are stored and secured in accordance with the principles provided for in the current provisions of law.

Exclusion of the Liability

Information provided on our website is not binding on us and no matter what circumstances might be, Extrawheel may not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses that might come out of relying on it or on any other websites interrelated to this website.

The above regulation applies also to any and all lost profits, contracts, damages caused to any computer software programs and other data contained in any data processing system or loaded onto any carrier even if we receive an express notification stating that such damages might occur.

Extrawheel may not be held liable for the content or for utilization of contents of any other websites interrelated to or to websites that are made available exclusively for the sake of users' convenience.

Nobody but a person who visits website is responsible for proper protection against any computer viruses or other destructive actions, if any, to which his/ her computer might be exposed during visits to the abovementioned website. We reserve hereby a right to amend or modify contents having been published, at any moment and without any prior notification. Moreover, we reserve hereby that some inaccuracies might be existent in the texts having been edited.

Any details concerning our products and the mode of ordering them can be obtained by e-mail sent to the following address:

Any pieces of information and materials sent to Extrawheel will be treated as unrestricted and therefore, a sender devolves hereby a right to Extrawheel to dispose of them freely, i.e. he/ she devolves a right to reproduce, display, implement, modify, transfer, distribute them; moreover, a sender gives hereby his/ her consent to utilization of any ideas, concepts, knowledge or techniques contained therein for any purposes.