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Bicycle trailers Extrawheel

Waterproof sack Orlieb Dry Bag

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  • Code: EXT-040
  • Manufacturer: Ortlieb for Extrawheel
  • Price: €23.90
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Waterproof sack Ortlieb Dry Bag . This model is very light and its dimensions are ideal to fit an upper rack of Extrawheel's bike trailer. The sack increases loading capacity of the  trailer by additional 13 liters. It will carry sleeping bag, light tent or additional clothes. It should be used to carry light equipment without worsening riding comfort. The heavier load should be placed lower by the panniers bottom for maximum possible lowering the center of gravity. Proven on tracks and trails around the world, Ortlieb transport sacks are versatile and durable. Made with one of ORTLIEB’s strongest heavy-duty fabrics, they can withstand just about anything - 100% waterproof.

Waterproof sack Ortlieb Dry Bag – parameters:

  • material: PS 490
  • dimensions: 42 x 60 x 19 (H x C x D)
  • weight: 0,29 kg
  • volume: 13l
  • 5 year warranty