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Mobile Billboard Extrawheel

PVC Pocket Extrawheel

  • Availability: Item in stock

  • Code: EXT-038
  • Manufacturer: Extrawheel
  • Price: €29.00
    • PVC Pocket

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PVC POCKET Extrawheel consists of two transparent pvc sheets combined together. It fits in an easy way to the Mobile Billboard frame with self adjustable straps. The banner is slipped trough upper opening edge. When buying this option you can start your advertising campaign right after the banner is printed. See owner’s manual for more details.

  • STANDARD version – 100 x 70 cm, fits the banner with dimensions of 95 x 63 cm. Weight 0,75 kg
  • LONG version – 140 x 70 cm, fits the banner with dimensions of 135 x 63 cm. Weight 0,90 kg